Developing Strong Leaders for the
Commercial Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry

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Training Entrepreneurs to Become Independent Lease Brokers
Training and Support
Wheeler Business Consulting provides training and support to individuals who are entering  the leasing industry and individuals looking to reach a higher level of expertise and financial success.

Pre-Class Consultations:  
After registration and prior to the five day class, there will be consultative sessions to prepare participants for the school. The sessions will focus on business structure, logo creation, preliminary web site design and general information concerning the financing/leasing industry.
Five Day Training Classes:
Scott Wheeler will facilitate a five day training class including, but not limited to the following:
  •      Overview of the leasing/financing industry.
  •      Industry processes -  from application to funding.
  •      Product pricing and structures.
  •      Marketing yourself.
  •      Building a meaningful data-base of potential clients.
  •      Credit analysis.
  •      Maximizing efficiencies and profitability.
  •      Developing a strategy for success.
Upon completion of the five day training class participants will have the capability to begin soliciting business the very next week. Each participant will have a functional website, email address, business cards, customized marketing materials and a contact management system with preloaded prospects.

On-going Training:
  •       Weekly one-on-one coaching for the first six weeks.
  •       Monthly one-on-one coaching for twelve months.
  •       Participation in monthly interactive sales meetings for twelve months.

Wheeler Business Consulting will provide backroom support and act as an conduit to national funders until the participant is capable and willing to act independently.  The goal is to allow the participant to become independent as quickly as possible. However, mentorship and support is available indefinitely.