On-site Training

On-site Sales Training:  Wheeler Business Consulting offers customized one, two, or three day training programs designed for sales teams of all sizes and experience. Prior to the training, an extensive interviewing process is conducted      with the management team to ensure the content is properly aligned with the strategy of the client. The on-site                    sessions are interactive and engaging with exercises for team building and individual enrichment. Multi-day sessions              may include one-on-one strategic discussions with the marketing management team and individual coaching for the                sales staff.  The on-site training programs include follow-up coaching sessions with the management and the sales team.      "On-Site" Sales Training" is excellent for monthly, quarterly, or annual  Sales Meetings.

On-site Training for Credit/Operations/Portfolio Management:   Wheeler Business Consulting offers customized training    programs designed for operations teams.  Prior to the training, an extensive interviewing process is conducted with the      management team to ensure  the content is properly aligned with the strategy of the client. The training focuses on best      practices in the industry and identifying bottlenecks in the current processes. The first priority is to protect asset                    quality and to create processes for sustainable portfolios.  Integration between sales, credit, documentation, funding,          and portfolio management is essential for long-term sustainability. 

Executive Coaching

Wheeler Business Consulting offers customized one-on-one coaching for all individuals engaged in the equipment           finance/leasing industry (i.e. owner, manager, originator, sales, credit personnel, etc.).  Prior to engaging the service, an extensive interviewing process is conducted with the participant and expectations, objectives, and challenges are discussed to set the agenda. The participant sets most of the agenda; however, each session includes analysis and suggestions by Scott Wheeler.  Most coaching sessions are a minimum of four, one-hour sessions and are facilitated through a webinar conference call  format.  "One-on-One Coaching" is an excellent tool for individuals looking to move to the next level of  their career development and for managers  seeking better outcomes for their team  members.

 Leasing and Finance School

Wheeler Business Consulting offers a customized leasing and finance school for professionals  looking to enter the commercial equipment leasing and finance arena. The school includes  a comprehensive on-site training program, weekly coaching sessions for up to six months, and executive support  for an extended period.  Wheeler Business Consulting has a thorough application process and is selective in providing this service to highly qualified and serious professionals. For more information call Scott Wheeler at 410-877-0428  for a free, no obligation consultation.

Training - Executive Coaching - School

Wheeler Business Consulting offers training for sales, credit, operations, and portfolio manager professionals. Wheeler Business Consulting provides group training classes and one-on-one executive coaching for seasoned professionals and managers; individuals who are transitioning into new positions; and professionals who are just starting their careers in the  commercial equipment leasing and finance industry. Scott Wheeler provides a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the leasing and finance process and assists professionals to realize their full potential.