Intermediary and Acquisition Services

Wheeler Business Consulting works closely with clients to navigate the capital markets. Wheeler Business Consulting is a trusted advisor for both buyers and sellers of commercial equipment leasing and finance assets. As an experienced intermediary, Wheeler Business Consulting can expedite the acquisition process, identify potential challenges, and offer valuable solutions.

Independent Finance & Leasing Company Services   

Wheeler Business Consulting offers various intermediary and acquisition services to independent participants in the industry including:

Portfolio sales:  The capital markets allow independents to sell pools of assets from their traditional lines of credit to provide additional capital for growth.  Wheeler Business Consulting facilitates  the sales of assets for independents.             

Establishing funding facilities:  Wheeler Business Consulting advises independents on options in the market and how to best present their companies to banks and other funding partners to maximize their funding capabilities. 

Preparation for an eventual sale:  Wheeler Business Consulting works closely with independent owners to facilitate the process of preparing for an exit strategy. Preparation includes industry best practices which will provide                        immediate results and will help owners realize greater market value when the time arrives for a sale.

Company valuation:  Wheeler Business Consulting facilitates a process to determine a company's market value based upon current conditions.  These services have been used to buy out existing owners or to validify offers made by third parties.   

Company sale:  Wheeler Business Consulting acts as an advisor and intermediary on the sales of  commercial equipment leasing and finance companies.



Bank Services

Wheeler Business Consulting offers various  intermediary and acquisition services to banks nationwide including:

Portfolio sales:  Banks often have concentration issues that require them to sell a portion of their existing portfolios. Wheeler Business Consulting facilitates a process to sell pools of assets to other banks and independents.

Purchasing assets:  Banks  engage the services of Wheeler Business Consulting to actively identify asset pools that specifically meet  their internal credit criteria and  align with their portfolio management requirements.

Due diligence services:  Wheeler Business Consulting works with bank teams to facilitate a comprehensive due diligence before acquiring pools of assets or entities within the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry.